There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

About Us

What do we offer?

Established in 2010, Forte Engineering Solutions Inc (FESI) set out to provide professional engineering consulting and design. This includes services for the building, energy, and o&g industry.

Why us?

We specialize in small to medium sized projects that have a total construction cost of less than $5 million dollars. 


Forte provides engineering services throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.


Forte can be your engineering consultant and designer when you need to build something. This can be a church, car dealership, helium plant, or a piece of process equipment for the o&g industry. 


Forte has a 5-step proprietary process to get your project from start to finish. With 200 years of combined experience our team has the ability to deliver on your project. 

Let's work together

Vision, Mission, and Goal


 Our vision is a prosperous and sustainable 


Our mission is to go over and beyond and provide the highest value to our clients so they succeed in their endeavors. 

Finally, our goal is to ensure each and every customer is fully satisfied with our services.

Fun Facts


 We love the outdoors, mountains, hiking, a  good cup of tea, and of course, a perfectly running facility. 

We maintain a continuing education model and read continuously to ensure we are at the top of our profession. We have set schedules to ensure we are as  effective and efficient as possible. This culture ensures we conduct ourselves in a professional and integrated manner. 



 A healthy culture is important to us and also for our clients. These are our basic tenants:

  1. Flexibility - we work with each other’s schedule, life gets in the way
  2. Respect - from the secretary to the owner, we are all an important piece of the puzzle
  3. Transparency - being open is important to ensure our clients success
  4. Trust - building trust is a long process and takes patience, honesty is the best policy

Our Leadership Team

Will Jabali, P.Eng

Will is the founder and managing partner at Forte. Will studied mechanical engineering at the University of Calgary and graduated in 2006. He is passionate about doing great work and works hard to ensure the company culture is positive, helpful, and client focused. He advises the team to always try and give value added services to the company's clients to help them succeed in their endeavors. 

Michel Freitas, PE, PMP

Michel is one of the partners at Forte and brings a wealth of knowledge in the acoustical world. He is a hard worker and does whatever it takes to get things done on time and on budget for the client. For Michel, the client is everything. He studied at a top University in Brazil and came to Canada in 2006 where he worked with big names such as ATCO and Sanjel. He joined Forte in 2019 to help the company grow and bring additional opportunities.

Jose Zavala, BA

Jose is the business development and communications manager at Forte. He studied business at the University of Calgary and graduated in the year 2000. Jose brings with him years of communication experience and helps bridge the communication gap between engineers and clients. He also helps with developing new and existing business opportunities. 

Who is this for?

Working with us

  1. are you having challenges with existing infrastructure, and spending constraints?
  2. are you just getting pumped out drawings without the support?
  3. are you frustrated with unknowns, cost, schedule, and politics?
  4. are you looking for good decision making, 5-10 year look aheads, and safeguards?

This is for your if...

  1. you dream of your facilitry operating at full capacity, with risk managed, and shutdowns minimized
  2. you dream of a day when you don’t have to put out fires and with no distractions
  3. you want to feel satisfaction, accomplished, and feel like you earned your pay cheque